Transaction to Convert Carb-Zil Token

I have paid gas fees twice to convert my Carb to zilp tokens. Although the gas fees were paid and I received a notification that the transaction occurred, the tokens were NOT converted. Someone please chime in. Thank you.

What did the Viewblock txn page says? If the txn failed, you still have to pay the gas fees. Typical reason for failure of txns is because your slippage tolerance is set too low and the price is adjusted beyond your tolerance during the block in which your txn is processed.

Thank you so much for your reply. I received the enclosed message:

Liquidity pools created by other users are not screened by Zilswap. All tokens (including ZIL) deposited to the pool may be lost if the ZRC-2 token contract is malicious or otherwise exploited. Please verify the legitmacy of this token yourself before contributing liquidity.

What does all of this disclaimer mean?