Postpone the ZWAP reward Program


The ZWAP token price keep plunging. I suggest postponing the ZWAP rewards until the further utility is defined.

The ZWAP token prices plunged from 800 USD to less than 40 USD. This happened for several reasons such as no utility for the token and the weekly high sell pressure, poor governance model, team poor marketing, liquidity pairing with Zil instead of ZWAP. Therefore, I suggest postponing the reward program for no less than 3 months except for the ZWAP / ZIL with extending the epoch from 1 week to 1 month to help reducing the impermanent loss for ZWAP LP providers.

  • support the propopasl
  • against the propoasl

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I can’t vote, yet I hold zwap. I am for this proposal. I will try to connect on desktop and vote later today. It’s time zwap get more utility.

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Hello @Giovanni this is a discussion now. I will create an official proposal if we get support through the discussion.

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No, do not stop my rewards. I contribute to several LPs. If they stop or postpone the reward program, I will immediately withdraw my assets and put them on another exchange.


Well, if you hold ZWAP you can vote against the coming proposal otherwise you do what fit you better, remove or stay not the proposal concern.

I’m aware and I will. There is a much better idea that was listed by Fuzzy. It has a way to increase utility/value of ZWAP without stopping the rewards.

Which is an absolutely destructive idea, especially when we want to keep the community GROW, not leave for other projects that continue to give yield.

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