More certain mechanism

Hello everyone

I’m writing here because I would like to address something which is probably not only an issue for me but for many of the zilliqa community. The problem is the current zwap distribution. Unfortunately the zwap distribution has a major impact on the price development of many zrc-20 coins.
The lightning season voting which take place in very short time intervals therefore always turn out to be a very uncertain period with a very stressful market and volatile price developments. Also I think in case a current pool does not get voted in again it will have a significant price impact. For me, who is a holder of zlp this is a huge issue. I already was a zlp holder before zwap launched and back then holding zlp was only about the app and the trust in zilliqas success and with it the success of zilpay. Today, this is not the case anymore and the zwap rewards seem to have a bigger impact.
I therefore would like to ask if it is possible to implement a more certain voting mechanism. One which gives more certainity to the pools which are receiving zwap rewards.
For example a process where pools have to get voted out or more fixed pools like the zwap pool itself?

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