Liquidity Locking System

Summary: Hello, I hope you are doing great, I actually was concerned if there is any solution to decrease possibilities of rugpulls so i got an idea and I would like you to think about it,

Abstract: If we add Liquidity locking system in zilswap so we can avoid rugpulls and investors will be more confident to put their money in it. Ofc there are still possiblities that owner can dump their other token on us those aren’t in pool, but still whatever is in pool admin won’t be able to remove, and we can add Liquidity locking period so if in future admin want to remove the Liquidity they would be able to remove it, because if they won’t then all the zwap Reward will go to admin wallet.

So Liquidity lock for specific time(whatever admin set) will be best thing. So they won’t remove Liquidity anytime before the timer,

No, DYOR. There is no need for this. don’t invest in things that you aren’t sure


But we never can be sure about any project so there shall be some solution for it too. Like you might have seen in pancakeswap

Nope. Locking liquidity is not the answer…

Okay, is there any solution that you guys would like to suggest ??