[LIP-7-C] Tier-3 pools for Lightning Season 4


Deciding the Tier-3 pools for Lightning Season 4 as dictated by LIP-4.


As of now, the tokens that qualify for Tier 3 rewards are the following:

Project name Ticker ZilStream link
zilSurvey SRV Link
Zyro ZYRO Link
RedChillies REDC Link
ZilFlip ZLF Link
Gary GARY Link
ZilStream STREAM Link
DuckDuck DUCK Link
Mambo MAMBO Link
Messi MESSI Link

*We will be using Liquidity EMA30 to determine if a token should qualify for each tier.

No signaling polls needed. For a token to be voted in, the token has to garner at least 10% of the total votes casted for this category’s proposal vote. Otherwise, the remaining reward allocation will be redistributed to the ZWAP/ZIL pool.