[LIP-6-B] Tier-2 pools for Lightning Season 3


Deciding the Tier-2 pools for Lightning Season 2 as dictated by LIP-4.


As of now, the tokens that qualify for Tier 2 rewards are the following:

Project name Ticker ZilStream link
PackagePortal PORT Link
Score SCO Link
ZilPay ZLP Link
Carbon CARB Link
Elons Elons Link
ZilChess ZCH Link

*We will be using Liquidity EMA30 to determine if a token should qualify for each tier.

No signalling polls needed. For a token to be voted in, the token has to garner at least 10% of the total votes casted for this category’s proposal vote. Otherwise, the remaining reward allocation will be redistributed to the ZWAP/ZIL pool.