[LIP-5-C] Tier-3 pools for Lightning Season 2


Deciding the Tier-3 pools for Lightning Season 2 as dictated by LIP-4.


As of now, the tokens that qualify for Tier 3 rewards are the following:

Project name Ticker ZilStream link
zilSurvey SRV Link
RedChillies REDC Link
ZilFlip ZLF Link
Zyro ZYRO Link

No signaling polls needed. For a token to be voted in, the token has to garner at least 10% of the total votes casted for this category’s proposal vote. Otherwise, the remaining reward allocation will be redistributed to the ZWAP/ZIL pool.

this is Mike from zyro, i see the lip-4 still has 7 hrs to be closed for voting. so i dont think the snapshot should be taken before the end of voting for lip-4. coz zyro should be qualified if the snapshot is taken after that.

@Snowsledge providing liquidity on last day just to meet qualification - it seems founder just tried to put his money and get all the reward for himself.

can we disqualify any project not meeting criteria at the time of LIP-4 was setup for voting?
Example: @Mike seems to have provided liquidity to his project Zyro on the last day just to qualify. What happens if Zyro does not meet 10% votes; he will definitely pull out all his liquidity. Isn’t this a wrong behavior which should be punished?


I was going to say not one project within the tier-3 would I like to see included in the lightning pool at all.