If BOLT is removed, Low Cap ZWAP rewards needs to stay in Low Cap for re-vote


I propose If BOLT is removed from receiving the ZWAP reward of lightning program, rewards allocated for BOLT must remain in Low Cap for re-distribution.


Since multiple proposals are going on ZWAP lightning reward, we need to make a clear 1 proposal that can define all intentions. This proposal addresses the issue of “BOLT’s removal from Lightning reward” + “Re-allocation of that reward to Low Cap pools”.
It is totally unfair to move rewards allocated for low caps back to ZWAP pool. ZWAP reward allocated to BOLT belongs to low cap pool. Lightning program is designed to distribute rewards to more pools.


Currently low caps are allocated ZWAP rewards as listed below. When we remove 165.27 ZWAP, it should not move out of low cap pools. It should be re-voted for 3 missing spot of Low Cap. Let’s have all low cap pool in poll to select 3 more Low Cap qualified tokens to get 15% or more votes.

- PORT = 165.27 ZWAP
- ZLP = 165.27 ZWAP
- BOLT = 165.27 ZWAP

If this proposal is formalized, rewards of BOLT will remain in Low Cap. 165.27 ZWAP will be distributed to 3 new Low Cap (not including PORT/ZLP). All rules of Lightning Program Season 1 stays for voting: 15% votes needed to secure reward; if less than 2 token gets 15%, 165.27 will be divided among them equally.

For: You support this proposal: Removal of BOLT + Voting to select missing 3 low cap pools (not including PORT/ZLP).

Against: You are against this proposal: BOLT reward goes back to ZWAP pool


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  • Against

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@Snowsledge i think this proposal is better …

Some of the small caps founders (that didn’t qualify) have sounded out on the sanctity of LIP-1 vote and keeping to its terms. If a token is not found to be qualified during the vote, it should remain so under extraordinary circumstances like this. There will be another season for these small caps, don’t worry too much about this.

I’m closing this topic because it is a duplicate of discussion about removal of BOLT. Please do not create another one. Thank you.