I tried to swap my old zil and now lost what has gone wrong

I have just joined the forum as i have just tried to swap my old zil for the new zil token which has failed for the second time. I had it stored in metamask, i set up a zil pay wallet which were both connected at the time of swap.

I had a succesful message for the swap, with a another window saying "insufficient interim $zil Balance,
The transfer however had failed according to etherscan.

This has cost me another $25 to try this bridge. What is wrong?. The Zil has left my metamask wallet leaving me a zero balance.
Now the zil is in the bridge wallet, what do i do now. Is the zil in the bridge wallet or is it not. Confused as the etherscan says failed.
I’m no expert in this field but followed a tutorial which looked pretty simple, followed word for word.

Here is the screen shot of the etherscan failure