Change Liquidity Value Reference

Hello Everyone

I would like to ask if it is possible to change the value reference from 10 m USD to 10m $Zil.
I make this suggestion because I think
with USD as a reference everything is much more volatile than with Zil this could lead to several unnecessary changes of the zwap allocation and makes the environment as a result uncertain. Also in my opinion it would be better to keep things as much Zilliqa related as possible.

Well that’s possible. But, I’ll up the ZIL required for each category.

Tier 1: Liquidity > 50mil ZIL
Tier 2: 500k ZIL < Liquidity < 50mil ZIL

Alright, but currently there are already not enough project to fill both tiers. Especially tier 1 is missing depending on the situation 2-3 (right now 3) tokens. Where is the logic of giving those Zwap rewards also to the Zwap pool? I think it would make more sense if more smaller projects could qualify for the rewards because then they attract much more liquidity providers, investors and users. In the end this makes it also more interesting for devs to build upon zilliqa.