Carbon, UDdomains Zilswap Bans

So, what is going on with UDdomains on Zilswap banning people from raising concerns about projects like CARBON doing untasty moves with their roadmaps trying to steal other projects development ideas and then asking for Zilswap rewards to help their development?

UDdomains is branding this as FUD. Is it FUD or a legit concern? There are already a good number of projects developing gaming: RedChillies, Zilflip, Zilchess. and now Carbon jumps on board trying to take RedChillies Poker development. Carbon was supposed to work on the possibility to purchase items directly from ads. What has happened to that?

Am I spreading fud or a real concern? How is Zilswap taking into account what is happening in the space before letting projects apply for ZWAP rewards?

Is Zilliqa one big gambling platform?

I can understand healthy competition but what Carbon is doing is just untasty move.

That is the truth.

Hi was banned by that admin without warning for posting a joke about Bolt during the LIP-1 rollout.

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First of all, ZilSwap TG is not an official channel.

Second of which, this is ZWAP governance forum. Not for a place to address your grievances against a project. We only care about trading volume of the DEX, not whether a project is original or not.