All my ZIL has disappeared!

I am trying to stake on ZilSwap and have already:

  1. Created a Zilpay wallet
  2. Sent ZIL to the address
  3. Swapped it for gZIL

Now when I try to “unlock” it and add liquidity to a pool it just keeps buffering… when I try to confirm the transaction it says “insufficient funds in source wallet.”

I went to the Zilliqa Telegram group and the admin named “Maxwell” directed me to an AI bot and is asking for the pass phrase to my personal Trust wallet. What is happening? Is this a total scam? I am not giving my pass phrase… any ideas friends?

Now all my gZil seems to be gone. Please help!

Just go to
Click pool
And manage.
You should see your added pool there.

Unfortunately I can’t find it. The funds never made it into a pool and there is no sign of them under the manage tab. There is a transaction to an unknown address in the transaction history and all the gZil I swapped for is gone. Please help! Is there any legitimate customer service for ZilSwap?

Customer service? You first day in crypto eh? And also what’s your transaction hash. Go to

The link to the telegram group you sent me doesn’t exist. I am really frustrated and don’t know what to do… The funds are not in the zilpay wallet and not in any staking pool. Where did they go?

What’s your transaction hash?

I get how frustrating this can be, and in my experience with ZIL any “mis-steps” have always been due to user error.

Definitely do not give ANYONE your seed phrase. EVER.

In step 2 you said you sent to the ZIL address, what zil address?

If you swapped it for gZil then it would’ve went to your zilpay wallet, or the wallet that you connected to Zilswap in order to get your gZil. You would not have been able to swap without connecting a wallet first. If you did the swap and nothing else it will be there.

The “unknown address” may be the smart contract for swapping your ZIL to gZil.

Unless you see an additional transaction that you did not authorize, your Zil or gZil is in the system.

As vinshadow asked, what is the transaction hash? That will tell you EXACTLY where your assets are.

I’ve been using ZilSwap since the end of Feb and it’s function has only improved. Especially since they did the update, & disabled the option for people to sign in using their private keys.

Is it possible that someone got a hold of your private keys? If not, your Zil are secure. Go to that transaction hash and see what’s up.

Good luck! :raised_hands:t5:

Thanks for the info! I did connect a zilpay wallet and swapped my ZIL for gZil. Then it got stuck trying to unlock it. If I did send it to somewhere within the system I would love to find it :slight_smile: But all the ZIL in my zilpay wallet is gone and it is not in any pool. I don’t know where to find the hash that you speak of…

And yes, I got duped into “re authenticating” my wallet on the Official Zilliqa Telegram chat. I clicked on the link and entered the info and then all my money was gone. We found the address and I don’t know whose it is or where it went. Think I got scammed hard…

This is the address it went to: zil1f972yfy96h3es5chqgf4zt6gwhdw0twmrchn08. I don’t know where this is…

Absolutely! Definitely gonna see if I can help. Are your gZil in your zilpay wallet then?

When you connect your wallet through Zilpay it will give you your transaction history. This happens when you first connect & that is where you will find the transaction hash to let you see what happened. Also, I recommend keeping at least 20 Zil in each wallet you have to cover transaction fees.

I leave between 50-100 Zil just to make certain I have enough, and then I’ll send my assets to that wallet to conduct my business, does that make sense?

No. The gZil are nowhere to be found. Not on ZilSwap and not in the zilpay wallet. I can’t access the zilpay wallet app on my laptop, only on my phone. It has no $ in it and no transaction history listed…

Yes, unfortunately you did get scammed, and the person you gave your credentials to took your gZil. :pensive:

Hopefully, it was not a large sum for you and you can use this as a lesson learned.

I’ve lost assets before in a “high yield farming program” about 4 yrs ago… NEVER AGAIN tho, & I hope the same is true for you! :raised_hands:t5:

It was a pretty expensive lesson unfortunately… but I’m thankful to you and the other guy for reaching out and explaining what the hell happened. I will be much more careful in the future. Can’t believe I fell for that. I thought it was the support admin. I fear that there are many people getting scammed like this on Telegram. Asking for help and then the admin coming to walk them through and “helping” them to “re authenticate” their zilpay wallet by following a link to enter your pass phrase. I see a lot of people on the chat this same thing happened too. The fake admin’s name was Maxwell. I saw him doing this to at least 4 other people. Sucks… but hopefully we are early enough in this cryptocurrency game that it won’t hurt too much in the future. Thanks again for your help. I very much appreciate it!

Yes, this happens EVERY cycle and will continue to happen. Just pay it forward to the people you bring into the cryptospace and share your experience so it doesn’t happen to them. Protect those who you bring in the best you can.

Perhaps this “maxwell” can be tracked and you can get your assets back after a lengthy legal process…I chose to “charge it to the game” and continue towards my goals tho…

I encourage you to get back in the game. At the time, mine was an expensive lesson as well. I was dilligent in my studying of the space in addition to Dollar cost averaging & spot buying when the prices were in the low of whatever range we were in at the time. 4 years later I’m EXPONENTIALLY UP! Also, 3 years into being retired…not sure what your goals are for this space, they CAN be achieved tho! :grin::raised_hands:t5:

My pleasure to help, I WANT EVERYONE TO WIN!!! Well, NOT the scammers…EVERYONE ELSE THO! :grin:

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:point_up:t5:That’s Maxwell the scammers address…

Right! Just wish I knew where he was :wink:

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Oh I’m still in the game. I woke up the next day, bought more Zilliqa, took a deep breath, drank some coffee and felt right as rain. Thank you for helping me understand what happened. I will definitely share this tale of caution with people. Especially on Telegram. Seemed so legit… like an Apple troubleshooting forum… or so I thought. Sometimes just having a friend to cry to makes everything better. Good luck out there amigos! With any luck, I’ll see you on the moon and we’ll all be playing golden cowbells!

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Absolutely understand THAT! :smirk::raised_hands:t5:

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ABSOFUKINLUTELY!!! :grin::raised_hands:t5: Glad to hear it! It’s almost moon time! Definitely glad to know you’ll be able to make the trip! At this point you’ve paid your dues, & earned your stripes!!! :grin::grin::grin:

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