Abstract DEX trading product


I propose a new product for the Zilswap DEX called Long/Short. The product will allow liquidity providers to speculate on external assets such as BTC, ETH using their liquidity as collateral in a form of pairs like BTC/ZIL or ETH/ZIL. The external assets are not represented as tokens in this product.

In order to encourage users to provide liquidity and drive more volume to the DEX. I suggest a new product similar to the lottery in Pancake Swap but safer and does not depend on luck. The suggested product does not create new tokens instead it uses a live price feed to track asset price. This is not direct trading instead it is asset exposure for a defined timeframe based on their expectation for the market as a percentage of their liquidity and the participation are presented in per cent form with a positive or negative direction for the pair. Gains are paid in SWAP and lose are converted to ZIL and get burned.


Drive more traffic to the DEX and encourage the token’s owner to provide liquidity. Also, burn more ZIL.

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Hi there!

This is an interesting idea. Are you suggesting to use the LP token as collateral to borrow either XX token or ZIL to go Long or Short that particular token? Trying to grasp your concept here. Thanks!

Thank you for the question. The idea can take different approaches. However, in my perspective, the LP is just collateral and he/she use his Zil from his wallet to go long or short.